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Our team of experts is comprised of industry leaders with a wealth of experience to share. Stay on top of industry-related information, news, and events with our latest case studies,  publications, tutorials, and reports.

Publications: A Two-Phased Approach

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Our Publication services, which range from strategic planning to technical writing, are designed to provide a unified approach to generating and disseminating evidence around a technology’s value proposition.

We employ a comprehensive methodology to communicate the value of our clients’ technology through scientific, clinical, and economic evidence.

Case Studies: Solutions Driving Success

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Typically, our clients come to Telos with one objective in mind. We go above and beyond to help identify and seamlessly address other areas where we can provide value that may not have initially been on the client’s radar. This translates to trust in Telos always to have the company’s best interest at heart.

Our approach allows us to provide services to meet several parallel objectives while also identifying new solutions or “bonus objectives” that give our clients a competitive advantage.

Tutorials & Reports: Putting Our Expertise to Work

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Scientific data serves as the foundation of evidence-based medicine and is a key ingredient to successful medical device commercialization and sustainable growth.

View a tutorial on how to select the right patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to measure improvements in pain, function, or quality of life among study participants, or download the whitepaper, “Evidence Development & Dissemination Strategy,” where we discuss the keys to creating an optimal evidence strategy.


FDA Clearance or Approvals Granted


Meetings with regulatory bodies


Scientific Protocols Developed

Telos by the Numbers

Years of R&Q Experience

Clinical Studies Run

Pre-Clinical Studies Run

Medical device commercialization can seem confusing and complex.

That’s where we come in.

Our friendly team helps to demystify the complexities of regulatory pathways, quality systems, clinician adoption, and reimbursement.

Working together, you’ll be guided by a concrete strategy backed by confident execution of deliverables.

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Four Steps to the
“Ultimate Objective”

As your partner, Telos invests time and effort from the onset of connection to understand your ultimate business objectives. This approach helps us to prescribe and provide the right services for success. Telos means “ultimate objective” – let us help you reach yours.

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Define Your Goals

Telos works with you to clearly understand your business’ goals. We ask “Why” instead of “How.”

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Identify Services & Plan

Our team identifies service areas where we can partner to create a plan unique to your business.

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Deliver Solutions

We’ll work with you through each phase to accomplish the milestones identified in the plan.

clinical evidence,driving success,resources

Repeat as Business Scales

Because we see each client as a true partner, we remain ready to help your business scale as new needs arise.

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We look forward to learning about your project and sharing ideas.

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