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Pre-clinical, clinical, and health economics evidence serves as the foundation for any commercialization plan. Leveraging the full range of analytical and communication tools to demonstrate the value proposition of your product, our team demystifies the complexities of evidence generation to ultimately win regulatory approval, clinician adoption, and market access.

Evidence Services

We support our client partners in evidence generation and dissemination through tailored services, such as:

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution
  • Evidence strategy for claims and goals
  • Health economics studies
  • Peer-reviewed journal publications
  • Conference abstracts and presentations
  • Statistics, data analysis, interpretation
  • Pre-clinical or clinical study design
  • Healthcare database analyses
  • Systematic reviews, meta-analysis
  • Mathematical modeling, simulations
  • KOL collaboration and authorship

Telos strives to be more than just “analysts and medical writers.” We put ourselves in your shoes to ensure our services are in lockstep with your goals as if Telos is an extension of your business and a part of your team.

Case Study:

“We need help organizing our unpublished clinical data to prepare for commercialization.”

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution

Client: Discectomy device manufacturer

Solution Areas Identified: Evidence services, clinical research services

Objectives Met: Helped to grow the total peer-reviewed article count from 14 to 53 in just over two years, prepared the Barricaid team to be able to objectively answer stakeholder and decision-maker questions backed by sub-studies, literature reviews, and analyses, and created a comprehensive plan to address reimbursement code issues.

Bonus Objectives Identified and Achieved: Telos tapped a well-accomplished clinical contact in spine health economics for assistance in creating a plan to tackle the reimbursement challenge.

“We are very grateful to be partnering with Telos on our clinical work – we certainly benefit from their experience and advice!”

~ Chief Operating Officer

Four Steps to the
“Ultimate Objective”

As your partner, Telos invests time and effort from the onset of connection to understand your ultimate business objectives. This approach helps us to prescribe and provide the right services for success. Telos means “ultimate objective” – let us help you reach yours.

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution

Define Your Goals

Telos works with you to clearly understand your business’ goals. We ask “Why” instead of “How.”

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution

Identify Services & Plan

Our team identifies service areas where we can partner to create a plan unique to your business.

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution

Deliver Solutions

We’ll work with you through each phase to accomplish the milestones identified in the plan.

Evidence Services,evidence generation,Evidence strategy,solution

Repeat as Business Scales

Because we see each client as a true partner, we remain ready to help your business scale as new needs arise.

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We look forward to learning about your project and sharing ideas.

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